# lex_sys.lex_desc lex_sys_desc, lex_lang.lex_desc lex_lang_desc - не все могут быть
    UPPER(lex_sys.lex_desc) lex_sys_desc, 
    IF(lex_lang.lex_desc <> '', lex_lang.lex_desc, lex_sys.lex_desc) lex_lang_desc
FROM mc_lexicon lex_sys
  JOIN mc_lexicon lex_lang 
    ON lex_lang.lex_code = lex_sys.lex_code
    AND lex_lang.lang_code = 'FA'
WHERE lex_sys.lang_code = 'EN'
  AND (
    lex_sys.lex_desc IN (
      'Accessories', 'ALL', 'Attention',
      'Build Date',
      'Canada', 'Car Line', 'Catalogue', 'Check Build Date', 'Check Date', 'CIS', 'Colour Details', 'Commercial', 'Country', 'countries',
      'Displays Section:', 'Down',
      'End Date', 'Engine Code', 'Engine Number', 'Enter filter criteria', 'Error', 'Exclude', 'Exterior Colour',
      'General', 'Graphic Index',
      'Include', 'India', 'Interior Colour',
      'Language', 'Line', 'Load',
      'Major Attributes', 'Major Section', 'Maximum Search Results',
      'Middle East', 'Minor Section', 'Model', 'Model Description', 'Model year', 'Multiple VIN Selection',
      'None', 'No Results',
      'Option Codes',
      'Part Name', 'Part Number', 'Passenger', 'Production Date', 'Plant', 'PNC',
      'Search', 'Select', 'Special', 'Start Date',
      'Transmission Code', 'Turkey',
      'Up', 'USA',
      'Vehicle Details', 'Vehicle Information', 'Vehicle line', 'VIN not found', 'Vehicle Search',
    OR lex_sys.lex_code IN (
      72 /*Description*/, 734 /*Not Applicable*/, 828 /*Unknown*/, 1325 /*Reset*/, 2353 /*Australia*/, 2354 /*Europe*/, 3565 /*North America*/, 3688 /*Region*/, 3689 /*Vehicle Type*/, 6166 /*PRODUCT LINE 2...*/,9386 /*MenuItem*/,9387 /*This data is not applicable for selected vehicle*/)
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